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EndNote desktop: self-paced learning

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This guide is written with the needs of academic staff and higher degree research students in mind.

Undergraduates are encouraged to see the guide for EndNote Web - easy and online!

What is EndNote?

What is EndNote?

EndNote is a bibliographic management system.

diagram showing article title and arrow indicating corresponding reference entry

What does that mean? You can:

  • gather references from a variety of sources
  • add formatted in-text citations and references into your own documents

You can also:

  • organise your references, including annotating PDF full-text attachments
  • synchronise your references between your work and personal computers
  • share references with your research team, supervisor, etc

Installing EndNote

Federation University Declaration for the use of ENDNOTE Software Licence

The Endnote agreement conditions are:

  • I am an enrolled student/staff member of Federation University
  • I understand I am downloading the ENDNOTE software under the conditions of an agreement between Federation University and ISI ResearchSoft Inc.
  • I may only load the software onto a University owned computer or my personal computer, for use in my learning or research studies.
  • Should I cease to be a student or staff member of Federation University I must immediately remove the ENDNOTE software from my computer
  • I am aware of and understand the Regulations of Federation University regarding the use of computing and communications facilities.

I declare that I have read the information and fully understand the conditions under which I may use the ENDNOTE software licence.


From time to time EndNote will provide update patches to fix problems and improve performance.

If you get a notification about an update whenever you start EndNote, the Library recommends you download and install the update.


Before installing EndNote

Close down any programs in the Office suite of programs (includes Outlook).

To install EndNote on your own personally-maintained computer:

(Note: laptop computers provided by Federation to research students and staff are not "personally-controlled" - see "Federation-maintained", below)

To install EndNote on your Federation-maintained Windows 10 computer:

  • Click the Windows start menu icon on the bottom left corner of your screen.
  • Click the Software Center tile in the tile area on the right-hand side.
  • Find EndNote 20 in the list of software, and click to install. Follow any prompts