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EndNote desktop: self-paced learning

Groups are not folders


  • Note that groups are not like folders. If you drag a reference into one or more groups, it does not remove it from All References.
  • Groups are like windows onto the main list of All References, enabling you to see and work with a limited subset of references.
  • An individual reference can be added to as many groups as necessary.
  • Editing the reference in All References will also change it in any groups, and editing a reference in a group will also change it in All References and any other groups.

Using a single library: Recommended

It is highly recommended that you use a single EndNote "library" for all your references.

Within the library, Groups provide an easy way of organising related references (e.g. according to themes, or in relation to individual papers or chapters that you are creating). 

Creating and using groups

Creating and using groups

You can create a group by:

  • From the Groups menu, select Create Group. A new group will appear in the left of the screen with a text box, under My Groups. Enter a name for the group and press Enter.

You can add references to a group in two ways:

  • Select the references to add to a group. Click Groups ► Add References To, then select the group.
  • Select the references to add to a group. Drag and drop the selected references onto a group.
  • Note. If the reference is already in the group, it won’t be added again.

Selecting references

  • To select a single reference, just click on it once.
  • To select all references, click EditSelect All.
  • To select multiple references, Ctrl + Click to toggle individual record selection on or off without affecting other references.
  • To select a continuous range or block of references, click once on the record at one end of the range, then Shift + Click once on the record at the other end of the range.

Deleting references from a group

Removing references from a group

  1. Select the reference(s) to be deleted from within the group.
  2. Either:
    1. Hit the Delete key


  1. Click GroupsRemove References from Group

Note: Removing a reference from a group (using either the Delete key or via the menu) will not delete the reference(s) from your library - they will still remain in the All References list.

Deleting a group

Deleting a group

To delete a group first select it, then click GroupsDelete Group. As deletion cannot be undone, a warning message appears.

However, no references will be deleted - the references will remain in All References (the main library).