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Cleanly deleting in -text citations

Deleting an in-text citation

Sometimes you want to remove an existing citation e.g. the wrong citation was accidentally inserted, or it was incorrectly placed. Do not simply select and delete the citation – EndNote inserts hidden formatting characters, and you may not delete all of them cleanly, resulting in corruption of the document.

IMPORTANT Do not try to alter a citation by directly typing in it, or by pressing Delete to remove it from the document. This can result in corruption of the document, and any such changes may be lost if you reformat the document. 

1. Click on the relevant citation. Its background turns grey to show it is selected.

2. Click the EndNote tabEdit & Manage Citation(s).
A new window will pop up.

3. Ensure the correct citation is highlighted. Click the arrow beside the Edit Reference button, choose Remove Citation, then click OK.

NOTE If this is the only time the citation was used, it will also be removed from the bibliography.