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EndNote desktop: self-paced learning

Self-paced learning?

If you are here because you are learning EndNote from this guide and want to try this feature, we suggest you use the multi-disciplinary database Academic Search Complete when trying this technique. It should find some results for searches in many different areas of study.

To Manually Save and Export Records:

1. Conduct a search.

2. Click on the Add to folder icon for each of the results you want to save.

3. Click on the Folder icon in the upper right-hand corner.

4. Re-select the references to export.

5. Click on the Export icon.

6. Click the radio button in front of Direct Export in RIS Format.

Note: Uncheck the Remove these items from folder after saving option, if you want items to remain in the folder after performing the export function.

7. Click Save.

Note: If using FireFox choose Open with EndNote X9 and click OK. Your EndNote desktop library will automatically open and your new references will appear in the Imported References folder.

8. If using Chrome, a file will be downloaded. Click on the filename to open it in EndNote.

9. The references should appear in the Imported References folder.

Continue learning

If you are following through as a self-teaching exercise, click here to continue with the self-paced learning.