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 Inserting in-text citations

Adding in-text citations from Word document

1. Check that you have the EndNote toolbar in Word.

2. In your Word document, place the cursor where the reference is to be inserted (e.g., before the full stop at the end of a sentence).

a. Select the EndNote X8 tab. In the Citations group, click the magnifying glass icon (the top half of the Insert Citation button).

3. Type in your search term(s), and press Enter, or click the Find button.

4. A list of matching records will appear.

5. Highlight the reference(s) to be inserted.

6. Click the Insert button. The in-text citation will appear in the document and the reference list at the end of the document will be updated automatically. 

You can also add the citation as Author (Year) e.g. "Rossi (2008) commented ... "

Repeat steps 1-5 above, but instead of clicking Insert, click the small black arrow on the right of the Insert button. Click Insert & Display as: Author (Year) from the drop down menu that appears.