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EndNote online for undergraduates: Working with EndNote
references in Word

Getting Started

Microsoft Word on the University PCs has been set up with an EndNote tab.  If you are using your own device you will need to download the Cite While You Write plug-inNote. You can install a Cite While You Write plug-in in your browser if you prefer. 

Enabling EndNote Web/Online functionality in Word

1. Navigate to the EndNote tab in Word. (Note showing EndNote X9, will be the same for EndNote 20)

2. Click Preferences.

3. A new window will pop up.

4. Click the Application tab on this new window.

5. From the Application dropdown menu, select EndNote online. This changes your Cite While You Write application from EndNote to Endnote online.

6. Enter the email address and password that you used to create your EndNote Web/online account.

7.Click OK.

8. Your EndNote X9 tools in Word will now be changed to the EndNote Online tools.

A process will run, connecting Word to your EndNote Web/online account.

Using shared groups

1. Check that any groups that have been shared with you in EndNote Web are enabled for Cite While You Write.

2. Go to EndNote Web and select the Organize tab, then Others' Groups.

3. The column headed Use for Cite While You Write enables you to control which groups' references are available to you to cite from within Word.

4. Tick the box to the left of the group to enable this feature.

Selecting a bibliographic style In EndNote Web

Important Note: The style options that appear in Word depend on the styles you have chosen as Favorites in your EndNote Web/Online preferences.

1. From Format select Bibliography

2. Select Favorites

3. This screen will appear on the right hand side. From All select the styles you would like in My Favourites.

Working within your Word document

1. In your Word document, from the dropdown menu next to Style, select your chosen style.

If you choose "Select another style" this box will open providing only the styles you have chosen in EndNote Web.

2. Click in the Word document where the reference is to be inserted. Click on the Insert Citations icon.

3. A search dialog box will open.

4. Type in your search term(s), for example, author, title, or keyword, and press Enter, or click Find.

5. A list of matching records will appear.

6. Click on the reference to be inserted, then click Insert (or any of the options available form the dropdown menu, e.g., Insert and Exclude date).

7. The in-text citation, (Nasser et al., 2011), will appear in the document, and the reference list at the end of the document will be updated automatically.