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EndNote online for undergraduates: Step 2: Collect
some references

Adding References to your EndNote Library

There are various ways of adding references to your library. You can manually enter reference information or you can digitally transfer records from various electronic databases.
Correct data entry is essential for EndNote to work well.

Manually adding references

Click Collect > New Reference

1. Your main library window will change to a new empty reference template.

2. Choose the type of reference you are creating by selecting from the Reference Type drop-down menu.

3. Start typing reference details into corresponding fields by clicking on each heading or by using the Tab key.

4. Click the Save button to save the new reference.                                                                                                


  • Put each author on a new line and use the format of “Surname, First Name”. Be sure to include the comma.

  • If the author is an organization, include a comma at the end of the name (e.g. “Federation University,”). If your corporate author name includes a comma in the name itself, use two commas in place of the first comma (e.g. “Department of Agriculture,, Fisheries and Forestry” )

  • Generally avoid using any punctuation, labels, or text styles that are normally a part of a bibliographic style. EndNote will format the style automatically. However, include discipline specific styles (e.g. italics for species names) within the title field. EndNote will not alter any text within that title field.

Collecting from specific sources