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EndNote online for undergraduates: Step 3: Save
a bibliography

Creating a bibliography

Back to EndNote Web to create a bibliography

Let's put those references you grabbed (in the previous step) to good use and create a bibliography for an assignment.

There are ways of using EndNote to add the in-text citations, but in this quick and simple guide, you will have to add the in-text citations to the assignment manually. We are just creating a bibliography, fast.

1. From the My References tab, select one or more references from your list.

2. Click the Copy to Quick List button

3. Hover over the Format menu and click on Bibliography

4. Select the Quick List as the references you wish to export

5. Select your referencing style (the Library recommends adding your styles to the Favorites list)

6. Select Rich Text File as the file format (it is compatible with Word, Apple Pages, and other word processors)

7. Click the Save button

The reference list created is normal text in the formatting of your selected style.

The Library recommends cleaning up any flaws in the bibliography manually at this stage (for example, too much information added in a field)

Copy and paste the bibliography to the end of your assignment document

Clean up any faulty formatting (you can see why it is important to recognise correct referencing, even with EndNote helping)

screenshot of bibliography from EndNote Web, indicating excess information that needs to be removed

What is that doi code thingy?

It's a digital object identifier, a type of bookmark for online journal articles. It is used in APA and some other referencing styles (not all), and will usually be found in the journal article itself.

Favourite Styles

If you frequently use a particular style, you can add it to your Favorites list in EndNote Web, so you don't have to scroll through the complete list of styles available.

  • Hover over Format
  • Click Bibliography
  • Click Select Favorites
  • Find your style in the list
  • Click to highlight
  • Click Copy to Favorites
  • Click Hide (upper right corner of styles box)


Australian Harvard

For those looking for the Australian Harvard style, use Harvard(Qld) style (see box above for adding it to your style Favorites for ready access). You'll find it in the list of bibliographic styles.

Where do I go from here