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Master of Business Administration

Writing skills

Like essays, reports are crucial assessment tasks.  They can be distinguished from essays in terms of their structure, their writing style, their formality, their purpose, and their intended audience. For more detailed information on report writing and specifically business reports see

For more on writing business reports, see the following guides:


Library resources: further reading

These books include sections relating to report-writing for business students and practitioners, as well as other aspects of business writing.

What is a literature review?

A literature review:

  • Identifies gaps in the literature
  • Avoids reinventing the wheel – it will save time and may stop you from making the same mistakes as others
  • Carries on where others have left off – gives a basis to build on current knowledge
  • Identifies other researchers working in the same field – a good source of networking
  • Increases your breadth of knowledge in your subject area
  • Identifies seminal works in your area
  • Provides the intellectual context for your own work, enabling you to position your project relative to other work carried out  in the area
  • Identifies opposing views
  • Puts your work into perspective
  • Demonstrates that you can access previous work in the area
  • Identifies information, ideas and methods that may be relevant to your research.

More on literature reviews

Check out this website on literature reviews or look at the document below from the Learning Skills Advisors.


Library resources: further reading

These books include sections relating to literature reviews for business students, as well as other aspects of business research.

Reflective writing is one of the few assessment tasks where relating a personal experience is not only allowed, but required. These tasks are designed to get you to think deeply about what happened in a particular situation in which you were involved, and why.

For more detailed information on reflective writing see

For more on reflective writing, see the following guide.

Printable guides from the Learning Skills team:


For online help, see the Study Skills For Life website, which includes these sections on aspects of academic writing:


This is just a sample of the topics and information that the ASK Desk and Learning Skills Advisers can help you with.

See the Making An Appointment page for individual help.