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Master of Business Administration

What is a case study and where do you find them?

Case studies are summaries of real or hypothetical business scenarios. Case studies can provide positive examples of successes, while often also raising issues and challenges for others to be aware of.

Analysing real or fictional cases can enable students to develop skills in applying business theory, solving problems and making decisions.


Finding case studies using library resources


Books, ebooks and journal articles:

  • Use QuickSearch to search for resources held by the Library.

  • Include the phrase "case stud*" in the search e.g. management AND innovation AND "case stud*"


Our online Business databases:

In the Advanced search, scroll down to "Publication Type" and select "Case Study".  Alternatively, enter the term "case stud*" as an additional search term.

In the Advanced search, select "Case Studies" as the content type. Alternatively, enter the phrase "case stud*" as an additional search term.

Enter the phrase "case study" as an additional search term. After running the search, ensure that "Business Collection" is selected as a filter - if it is not, select it from the list of databases. 


Scholarly journals, including:


Finding case studies on the web

Websites of government bodies and business organisations can be good sources of business case studies.

Here is a small selection of case studies available online:



Library resources on working with case studies