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Institutional Research Repository

What is an Institutional Research repository?

Federation ResearchOnline is an institutional open access digital research repository.

The aim of  Federation ResearchOnline is to promote, store and provide open access to the research and scholarly output of University staff, students and affiliates.

What research output is included in Federation ResearchOnline?

The following scholarly items will be included:

Refereed and un-refereed research articles in one of the following categories:

  •    submitted versions of research literature, conference contributions and papers;
  •    accepted versions (author’s final peer-reviewed drafts); or
  •    published versions (publisher-created files) if copyright permits.
  •    theses - PHD & Masters by Research;
  •    scholarly research/articles in the form of videos, art works etc.

Deposit your work

To deposit your work email  a final draft of your publication to repository staff at  researchonline@federation.edu.au

Provide any information you have about copyright permissions associated with your work e.g. copyright permissions or copyright ownership.

If you are unsure about copyright repository staff can verify the copyright permissions associated with your publication by contacting the publisher or using the Sherpa/ Romeo website which contains information about Publisher copyright policies & self-archiving


How do I add my research to Federation ResearchOnline?
Contact researchonline@federation.edu.au. Send an electronic copy of your final draft

What are the benefits of having papers in Federation ResearchOnline?

    Publications are stored and preserved in a secure digital environment
    Research housed in the Federation ResearchOnline becomes more visible and accessed by the wider community
    Publication of work in Federation ResearchOnline has the potential to increase article citation rate and impact
    Statistics can be provided on how often a work is accessed or download

If I put my work in Federation ResearchOnline can I publish my work elsewhere in other journals etc?
If you deposit your work in the repository - Federation ResearchOnline you are free to publish your work wherever you like. Federation ResearchOnline has no restrictions on where you publish.

Will publishers be put off publishing my work if it's already in a repository?
No. The SHERPA/ROMEO website lists publisher policies. Over 500 publishers have policies on self-archiving. Jan 2013 - 62% publishers allow some form of archiving.

Will open access make it easier to plagiarise work?
Depositing into a repository can assist with detecting plagiarism. It is easier to detect plagiarism in online material than the traditional publishing process.

Can I link to my content in Federation from my own website or staff website?
Yes, you can link to individual records in Federation ResearchOnline from your personal, research centre or school web site. Each of your records carries a similiar url: Please use this identifier to cite or link to this item: http://researchonline.federation.edu.au:8080/vital/access/HandleResolver/1959.10/55550 (record number). Use this url to link to your website.

What if I am not sure about copyright status of my work!!
Contact Library Federation ResearchOnline staff and we can work out the copyright status of your item or contact the publisher on your behalf. If we are unsure we can refer your query to the University copyright officer.

How do I manage copyright?

As the author or creator of a work, you automatically own copyright to it. When you submit the work for publication, however, you may be asked to assign copyright to the publisher. The Australian Copyright Council's Information Sheet G24 provides an overview of rights transfer issues.
It is worthwhile to read a contract carefully before signing, as you may be able to negotiate to retain some or all of your rights as the original copyright owner.

What is the difference between a pre-print and post-print?

A pre-print is generally your final text of an article before it goes to a journal for peer review and publication. A post-print is after it has gone through editorial and peer review process. Also known as Author version

Contact Federation ResearchOnline staff

Carolyn Bray
email: researchonline@federation.edu.au

Phone: (03) 5327 9382