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Assignment summary

This assessment help page assumes you have read the course outline, assessment description and marking rubric provided in Moodle. 

Assessment 2 requires you to write:

An annotated bibliography

Locate five reputable sources

  • 1 academic book chapter
  • 2 peer-reviewed journal articles
  • 1 article from a reputable media source
  • 1 government report

Assessment 3 requires you to write:

A major essay

  • For assessment task 3, students will be required to build on the research undertaken for Assessment Task 2 to produce an essay on the same topic selected for Assessment Task 2. Essays must be accompanied by a reference list containing all the sources used in the annotated bibliography and additional resources of the same variety.

Please choose ONE of the following questions and write a 1500 word response: 

  1. What is class, and to what extent is it important in Australian Society? 

  1. What is gender? In what ways can gender be described as ‘socially malleable’? 

  1. To what extent, and in what ways, can someone’s race/ethnicity affect his or her life chances in Australia? 

  1. Some people in society show environmental concern and others do not. What social factors might affect patterns of concern? 

  1. “Successful transitions into adulthood are less predictable and take longer today than they did in the past” (Geldens, 2021). Why? 

Assessment 2. Annotated bibliography

The following document and website will help you understand what is expected of you in writing an annotated bibliography.

For more details see

If you need help with writing your annotated bibliography see a Learning skills advisor. Learning skills advisors are professional educators who can help you achieve your academic goals. They are available at all campuses to work with you. For more details see  Select Making an appointment to book a one on one appointment and to see the other options available for assistance.

Plan your search

Start planning your search by:

  1. Identify the key concepts in your assignment scenario
  2. Consider alternative terms that authors might use for these
Key concepts Alternative terms
Race racism, ethnicity, "ethnic minority"
Class "social status", "social structure", “socioeconomic status” 
Mass media "news media", television, radio, newspapers, press

Now use Boolean operators to connect your search terms. 

Use OR to combine all the terms for the same or similar concept: race OR ethnicity OR racism OR ethnic minorities

Use AND to combine terms from different concepts: ethnicity AND opportunities

Use quotation marks to search for a phrase: "ethnic minorities"

Use brackets to group all terms from the same concept together: (race OR ethnicity OR "ethnic minorities" OR racism)

Watch the following video to learn more about Boolean operators

When you put it together, you have a search strategy

(racism OR ethnicity) AND ("life chances" OR opportunities OR equity) AND Australia

You will probably need to conduct multiple searches and alter your search terms as you go.

Consider using the Building a database search strategy which is available from this guide. Go to the Finding journal articles tab and select Database Searching (intermediate). This tool will guide you through developing a search strategy and you will be able to cut and paste the suggested search strategy straight into QuickSearch or a Database.

Search For Resources

Suggested databases for Sociology are:

According to The Twelfth International Conference on Grey Literature (2010), grey literature is the name given to literature that is not widely disseminated, but is of sufficient quality to be housed by repositories or libraries. It is usually distributed by individuals or non-commercial publishers. 

Common examples of grey literature include:

  • Dissertations
  • Unpublished or pre-print studies and manuscripts
  • Government reports and policies
  • Business reports
  • Conference proceedings
  • Articles published by non-commercial publishers
  • Maps, newsletters and fact-sheets

To find out more about Grey Literature and how to find it, check out our Grey Literature subject guide

You can access the digitised print versions of these newspapers by searching the Library's Catalogue or clicking the links below:

The following databases also provide access to newspapers:

Fake News

You are expected to ensure that the sources you consult are trustworthy.

Our Fake News guide will help you to distinguish between reliable and less-than-reliable news sources:

Assessment 3. Essay

For details on how to plan and write your essay see

If you need help with planning and writing your essay, see a Learning skills advisor. Learning skills advisors are professional educators who can help you to achieve your academic goals. They are available at all campuses to work with you. For more details, see  Select Making an appointment to book a one-on-one appointment and to see the other options available for assistance.

Your online referencing guide: FedCite

FedCite is the one stop shop for all your referencing needs. In this course, you need to use APA 7. Look at the Using APA7 section to find out general information on how to cite and reference, and the source types for specific examples.

Go to FedCite


Don't forget to check out the Referencing tab located in this guide.