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Searching for journal articles

Quicker, smarter, more effective searching.


If you have any problems or anything is unclear, please contact the Library using the Ask a Librarian options at the bottom of the page.

Kudos to Jared Hundley's training videosOK, OK, the word betterer does not have this meaning #sheesh #LibrariansArePedants

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Wasting too much time searching for journal articles? Struggling to find enough results to use?

How would you like to get better results in less time?

Hi, my name is Myles and I am a librarian.

After working through this tutorial you should have the search skills to get more relevant results and spend less time searching. Each step will give you more knowledge or skills to improve your searching.

Not convinced? Try the next step for just one quick tip that will improve some of your searches.

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Admiral Puddles says: The better your searching, the better your results

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