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eBooks: What are eBooks?


eBooks are books in digital format. Federation library is constantly adding new eBook titles to the collection.

eBook access, printing and downloading conditions may vary between platform and publisher.

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Why should I use an eBook?

  • Access anywhere anytime
  • Content is searchable
  • Multiple users can access
  • No need to visit the library to borrow the book

How to reference an eBook

The General guide to referencing provides examples in APA, Australian Harvard, Chicago/Turabian and MLA.

FedCite also provides examples, currently only displaying APA.

The Study Skills referencing pages is another place to check out referencing.

How To Access eBooks

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Hi. My name is Chris.

And I’m Peggy.

We’re librarians at the Federation Mt Helen campus library and we’re here to tell you about e-books.

What is an e-book?

An e-book is a book in digital format that can be read on a computer screen or a hand-held device.

The Library gives you access to thousands of eBooks which you can open anywhere you have an Internet connection.

How do I find them?

In the catalogue, eBooks are indicated by this icon.

You can search for eBooks in the catalogue by typing in your search term and then choosing “online” under collection/View all collections.

In QuickSearch it will appear as a book with online access.

You will be prompted to log in and authenticate yourself as a Federation student with your student number and password.

Federation accesses eBooks through several different publishers in the same way we purchase print books.  Different publishers mean that the access to the eBook may look different depending on the publisher supplying the eBook

Once you have access to your eBook, you may have options to read online, print or copy the legal amount of the book according to copyright laws or download a PDF of a chapter (depending on the publisher).

The publishing company Springer allows PDFs of chapters to be downloaded and entire books.

A short Disclaimer:  When a book displays the following message:

You may read this book for 5 minutes, and request this book from your library at no cost to you.

This means Federation has not purchased this book but you may request its purchase however it will not be available immediately.

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