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Create study tags

Tags can be useful to filter references. They can be added prior OR during the screening process. 

Step 1: Tick the box next to the reference that you want to tag. 

Step 2: From the Tags drop-down menu, choose the desired tags. Alternatively, you can create a tag by typing in the Tag with: field. 


Note that all applied tags are displayed at the bottom of a reference. 

Manage study tags

Go to Settings > Study tags to view all of your study tags. Note that editing existing tags is currently not possible. However, you can delete a study tag by clicking its red button (right). 


Be aware that "Awaiting classification" and "Ongoing study" are default Covidence tags that cannot be removed. 

Filter by tags

Filters can only be counted and applied to the current list. For example, if you are on the full texts section, the filter will only display studies within on that particular screening list.