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Import references using the following supported formats:

  • EndNote XML
  • RIS text format
  • PubMed text file

Upload one file at a time. Note that you can import an unlimited number of references, however files must not exceed 50 MB in size or approximately 15,000 references.

Import references

Step 1: In Review summary, select Import


Step 2: From the drop-down menu, select the relevant stage you wish to import studies into:

  • Screen (Title & Abstract Screening)
  • Full text review (Full-text Screening)
  • Included (studies included during second-pass screening that are ready for extraction)
  • Excluded (studies excluded during second-pass screening)
  • Irrelevant (studies excluded during first-pass screening)


Step 3: Click Choose File and navigate to your file on the computer. Select Import.


You will be re-directed to Review Summary. From here you can monitor the progress of the import included the number of duplicates and errors that occur. Select View Details for more information. 


Import history: Duplicates & errors

Navigate to Import > Import History to view all previous imports.

Import History













Covidence automatically de-duplicates references upon import. In Import History you can check the number of duplicates as well as any potential errors. 

Errors occur due to corrupt data and cannot be imported by Covidence.

Common causes for errors include:

  • invalid issues or volumes
  • invalid page numbers
  • absent typical information
  • incompatible formatting
  • journal name with additional information
  • extended journal name

Duplicates refer to copies of kept references. You can review kept references alongside their duplicates by clicking on Check duplicates. By clicking Not a duplicate, the reference will be kept. 


Note that if you come across any missed duplicate during either screening process, you have the option to mark it as duplicate at the bottom of the reference.

Mark as duplicate

Remove imports

Complete Imports can only be deleted prior to any actions. If required, navigate to the Review Summary, select Import References, and click on View Details to display the Import History. If available, you can click Undo this import to remove it. Note that this option only allows deletion of the import file in its entirety and not select references.