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Invite reviewers

Step 1: Select Settings and go to Reviewers. Click Invite reviewer or invite another reviewer, respectively. 

Step 2: Add the name and email address. An invitation to join the review will be sent out for the recipient to accept. 


Accepting an invite as co-reviewer

Step 1: Click on Accept this invitation in your email invite. This will re-direct you to the Covidence login page.

Step 2: Log in if you have an existing Covidence account or vist the Covidence sign-up page

Step 3: After successfully accepting the invitation, the review title will appear in your review list.

Alternatively, if you are logged in to Covidence, click Accept in the in-app pop-up to join the review.

Remove reviewers

Step 1: Go to Settings > Reviewers

Step 2: Scroll down to the reviewer you wish to remove and click on Remove reviewer. Note that if the reviewer has conducted any quality assessment or data extraction, you need to remove the reviewer from the relevant reviews first.

Reviewer modes: Dual and single

By default, Covidences uses dual reviewer mode. In this case, each citation requires two votes to advance in your review, unless these votes are in conflict and a third and final vote is required.

If you prefer only one vote to advance a citation forward, you can switch to single reviewer mode. Go to Review Settings and select "1" from the drop-down menu. You can apply individual review modes for Title and Abstract Screening and the Full Text Review

Important: A pop-up will appear to confirm the switch to single reviewer mode. It will show all citations with one vote that have now permanently advanced in your review. 



If needed you can undo votes to return citations to a previous stage. Go here or view the video below for instructions.