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Research Data Management: Research Data Lifecycle


Data Planning

A planning checklist, thinking about ethics, funding, data retention, and third-party data.


Data Collecting

Research methods, collaboration, file organisation, private and sensitive data.


Data Preparation & Analysis

Data formats and formatting, metadata, and data analysis.


Data Storage & Publication

Repositories, intellectual property & ethical considerations, and data citation

Note: this lifecycle model might not be appropriate to all research projects

Researchers are responsible for the storage, security, and retention of data collected during the course of their research.


Modified from Humphrey, C. (2006). e-Science and the life cycle of research
Structural Reform Group (2004). DDI version 3.0 conceptual model.

This diagram/model may be re-used under Creative Commons licence CC BY 3.0 AU

How not to share your data

 Direct YouTube link (for captions/subtitles)

Video by NYU Health Sciences Library

Research Data Management training

*ARDC is a federally funded NCRIS facility to support researchers and research institutions to better manage and exploit the value of research data