What is OpenAthens?


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OpenAthens is an authentication “gateway” service that enables Federation University students and staff to access subscribed online content.  

You can access content via - QuickSearch, Catalogue or the A-Z Databases or from a web search and then sign in directly from a subscribed publisher platform.  Whichever way you prefer, you’ll be able to access Library subscription-based content seamlessly.

Sign in from anywhere with OpenAthens

OpenAthens allows users to access the library's licensed online resources directly from content provider websites.  To access the resource you will need to select sign in with OpenAthens, select your institution/federation from the list eg, Federation University (OpenAthens) and enter your institutional username and password.  If you see a generic OpenAthens login page, you may need to search for Federation University (under Find your organisation) in the search box on the right of the page.   

Sign in can vary from publisher to publisher so always ensure you select Federation University (OpenAthens) or OpenAthens Federation.  Do not use Australian Access Federation AAF.

Example 1 - Select Federation University (OpenAthens)

Example 2 - Select OpenAthens Federation


Example 3 - Do not use Australian Access Federation (AAF) select OpenAthens Federation


OpenAthens replaces our previous authentication service, Ezproxy, as it offers a more secure, reliable and flexible service reducing frustrations with multiple logins.


OpenAthens uses cookies to remember your device’s IP address. If you change web services – from Firefox to Chrome for example – you will be asked to sign in again. Additionally, if you change devices, for example from a laptop to a mobile, you will be asked to sign in again.


Some resources might ask you to select your Federation; choose Federation University (OpenAthens) or OpenAthens Federation.


If you use Google or Google Scholar to access resources look for the login prompt on the database or publisher websites. If Federation University Australia has a subscription and access to the resource look for Federation University Austraila or Federation University (OpenAthens) under Find your institution, click on the link and you will be redirected to the relevant login screen.


Your bookmarks to subscribed resources (books, journals, articles) may no longer work with the change to OpenAthens and the best solution is to create new bookmarks by finding the items via the Library Catalogue or Quicksearch and saving a new bookmark.


If you have previously created a bookshelf or personal account via publisher databases where Federation University has a subscription you may be required to create/save information into your new account. Some resources do have the ability to merge personal accounts.


Ebsco provide details on how to merge personal accounts .



Elsevier provide details on how to add new credentials to existing accounts.



When accessing a resource through OpenAthens for the first time you may be presented with a publisher's Terms of Service or Privacy Policy statement. Please confirm that you have read and agree to the terms to be able to access content. If you decline the terms you will have limited or no access to the subscribed content. To correct this problem and accept the publisher's terms and policies you may need to clear your browser's cookies and cache and sign in again. You could also try to use a different browser.