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Course Readings

For teaching staff: managing content for your Course Reading List

Create and arrange folders and readings

Academic view of interface

When you open the link in Course Readings your view will show the following features: 


Creating a group (folder) for readings

  1. Create a new folder/group via the New group icon in the header toolbar (No.2 above).
  2. Select the tick box next the "Ungrouped readings" to show all in this group
  3. Drag and drop - tick the box/es of the reading/s to move, then click on the cross of the very right hand side – and drag the reading/s (which will have become highlighted in green) to the folder/group.

To Delete a group/folder 

You can delete a folder by selecting the rubbish bin icon. It will not delete your readings, only the folder, and you readings will move back into the ungrouped folder.


Place reading links throughout your course

Placing reading links through out your course content

Wherever you see the Editing bar you can place a reading link -  in Moodle ie Books, Lessons, Topics. 

1. Turn editing on in Moodle

2. Select 'edit' option in the Topic, or Book etc to open the toolbar (the Course Readings tool will be visible as below). 

3. ** IMPORTANT** Place your cursor at the point where you would like the reading link inserted in your content

3. Select the Course Readings icon to open your list.

4. Select the list your require (most courses will have only one list attached).


5. Select the tickbox next to the reading you wish to place, scroll up and SUBMIT

Select Create

Deleting reading links

To delete a reading link, make sure you are editing the topic/book/page, place your cursor after the block of text which includes the reading, and either backspace or delete. This does not delete your reading, only this link.