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Course Readings

For teaching staff: managing content for your Course Reading List

Create new list and set dates

The first time you open Course Readings in your Moodle course you will be prompted to select your School and preferred citation style. You can alter these later if you wish.   

The next step is to select the dates for the semester, and to attach a reading list to your course. 










1. Select New List for this Moodle course

2. Choose 'Predefined' for semester dates,  or create a Custom duration

The semester dates are the standard dates set by the University, with two weeks added to each end. 

Rollover or bring across a previous list

You can attach one list to many teaching shells, and you can select some or all readings to come across to your shell. 

1. Search by the course name or code for previous lists  - then match the semester to take the list from. 

2. Click on the course code

3. Select the 'Reading list' dropdown arrow on the right to see any associated lists

"Migrated from Equella" is the 2018 list (if eReadings was used in 2018). 

Select "Create" to bring a list over.

If there are no lists associated, select "Skip" to create a new list.  

4.  Select some or all readings to bring over

5. Click the tick box and select some or all Readings to add to your List 

6. Select ‘Next’ to finalise 

Initially the Reading List will show all readings in the "Ungrouped" group/folder. You can arrange groupings/folders to suit your needs. 

You can attach a list to many teaching shells, and you can attach multiple lists to one shell.