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Course Readings

For teaching staff: managing content for your Course Reading List

Adding readings

To add new readings via Course Readings tool

There are two main methods to add new readings to your reading list. Any item available through QuickSearch in Fulltext can be linked easily through the Course Readings tool using 'Find an existing reading'.  To manually type in a new citation request for digitisation use "Add a new journal / book reading". 

1. Find an existing reading : add full text journal articles, eBooks, eBooks chapters from QuickSearch (which includes Library databases and catalogue)

2. Add a New journal reading / New book reading : request book chapters and excerpts, journal articles, and other material not available in full text to be located and scanned by the Library

If you need assistance please email 

Find an existing reading

Finding an existing reading 

a. Open the Course Readings tool in Moodle, select the *ADD icon  

b. The options menu will drop down. Select Find an existing reading



1. Select Find


2. From Locations - select eReservePlus to search for readings previously added.  To add fresh readings "click for more" option and select QuickSearch  [You can search both at the same time]

3. From the Document field select the type of material you are searching to add.  From Terms field select a term to search on. [n.b. Article title is very useful]

4. Enter the search terms [in the example the starting words of the article title] and click 'Find'. 

5. Assess the records returned. You can view the item before adding it by clicking the world icon. Select the reading by clicking the tick in box.  


6. Once added, the item will go into the 'Ungrouped readings' folder

Enter requests - Add a new reading

Adding a new journal / book reading

Request book chapter and excerpts, journal article, and other material not available in full text to be be located an scanned by the Library.

1. Open the Course Readings tool in Moodle, select the ‘ADD’ icon. The options menu will drop down, select ‘New journal reading’ or ‘New book reading’. [You can explore the other options of adding a website etc.].


2. The form below will open.

This example is a for a new journal reading:

Left side-  enter the Source document (journal, book)                                  Right side- enter the details of the full text [Excerpt/ article/ chapter etc]