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Course Readings: Course Readings

For teaching staff: managing content for your Course Reading List

Course Readings is a reading list management tool in Moodle.

It provides a centralised place for your students to access readings and statistics for you to measure engagement.   

Use it to ensure:

  • copyright compliance;

  • maintain the durability of links for student access; and

  • professional standardised view for your students.

Watch the overview and how-to videos, read the info, and contact Course Readings for help or to submit your citations. 

We also have a handy guide on how to select and maintain your teaching resources, please click here for more information.

Course Readings : Reading lists made easy

An academic's perspective of using Course Readings



Why use it? 


About & FAQs

How do I access Course Readings?
Enable the Course Readings tool in your Moodle course, add content or connect your previous Reading List. You can do all these things yourself (watch our 'How to' videos), and even request through the Tool, though if you need a hand
I had a reading list for a previous semester, can I use it again?
Previous lists are available to reuse, and can be rolled across to any Moodle course. When setting up the tool, select the Reading list you wish to connect, select all or some of the readings to bring over, and the list will come over.
What content is available in Course Readings?
The essential part of Course Readings are those items copied from print sources, which the University must centrally manage and report on in compliance with our Copyright licence agreements. You also can use Course Readings to link fulltext database content from the Library's databases, web pages, really any item you would like to use each semester for your teaching.
Can I add items from other courses to my Reading List?
Yes. Items with digitised content will be assessed for Copyright compliance, but you can make available to your students content up to the copyright limits per unit.
Can I get help with creating my Reading Lists?
Send your content through to Course Readings and the Library will create your list for you. If you need assistance with course design we will refer you to CTIQ Learning Designers.
Do I have to use Course Readings?

Yes, if you wish to make digitised content available to your students via Moodle. The University prohibits staff from uploading PDFs of any content which they are not the copyright owner or (3rd Party content), as we must report and manage this content in accordance with the Copyright Act (Cth) and the terms of our licence agreements.

What about content which is freely available on the web, or available full-text online?
Any type of content can be added to your list, just send this through along with your other readings requests to the Library's Course Readings service and we will add to your Readings list. It's important to note that even though content is freely available on the web, that does not necessarily mean it is free to reuse as teaching content. Course Readings staff can make these assessments for you.
How much will the Library enter for me?
Course Readings staff are here to assist you in providing readings and links to your students via Moodle. Simply collate your resources list and submit your request via the Online Form or Email  and we will source, digitise and place the material via Course Readings into your Moodle course and ensure copyright compliance. We also recommend you submit any resources for material that the Library subscribes to so that we can create links to the material to ensure any publisher/URL/platform changes can be managed to maintain reliable access to links for your students to eJournals, articles and eBooks.
My links are not working. What should I do?
The Course Readings team scans the URLs in Course Readings on a weekly basis to identify broken or non-resolving links and fixes them as soon as possible. We may contact the course coordinator if we are unable to find a suitable replacement link. In the event that our software has not picked up your broken link the following may be some reasons why. Are the links from Equella [the previous system]? You can tell if it comes from Equella by the link text consisting of the authors name and page numbers, and if you hover over the link the URL will include Equella in the text? If so these are obselete and need to be removed. Do you have the Open Athens string in the link to allow access from off campus? Use the Link Generator to construct your link ( Links from Course Readings which have a status of Pending/Expired/Removed have become inactive. Contact us for assistance.

'How to' videos

Short video tutorials to help you create and maintain your reading list


For more 'How To' video tutorials on other topics please click HERE, on the 'How to' videos tab at the top of the page, or on the individual links below.

Other topics include:

       *   Adding readings from Library holdings
       *   Adding new readings for the library to digitise/source
       *   Placing readings throughout your Moodle course
       *   Grouping readings into Weeks/Topics
       *   Interpreting Course Readings statistics