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Course Readings

For teaching staff: managing content for your Course Reading List

About & FAQs

Course Readings : managing your Library content in Moodle 

Collate your readings for students into one list within Course Readings, place links to the readings through your course, and reuse for each new Moodle Course. The reading list can include links to all types of material (ie web pages, online resources), but you must use Course Readings for any material which has been digitised and is not your own copyright. (ie book chapters, articles, and any item the Library has digitised for you).  

The tool sits in your course in one place, and you add the reading links throughout your content wherever you see the editing toolbar. This way your students can get a list of all the readings, and also a specific reading at the point of need.

Other features include arranging readings into folder ie weeks/topics, view usage statistics, and easily change citations styles. 


To begin:

1. Enable the tool in your Moodle course    

2. Create your list by adding content yourself (it is pretty easy) or bring over a list used previously - or email us your list

3. Organise links to your readings throughout your course. Learning Designers can assist.

Set your list up once, then reuse it for new Moodle shells.  

How do I access Course Readings?
Enable the Course Readings tool in your Moodle course, add content or connect your previous Reading List. You can do all these things yourself, and even request through the Tool, though if you need a hand email
I had a reading list for a previous semester, can I use it again?
Previous lists are available to reuse, and can be rolled across to any Moodle course. When setting up the tool, select the Reading list you wish to connect, select all or some of the readings to bring over, and the list will come over.
What content is available in Course Readings?
The essential part of Course Readings are those items copied from print sources, which the University must centrally manage and report on in compliance with our Copyright licence agreements. You also can use Course Readings to link fulltext database content from the Library's databases, web pages, really any item you would like to use each semester for your teaching.
Can I add items from other courses to my Reading List?
Yes. Items with digitised content will be assessed for Copyright compliance, but you can make available to your students content up to the copyright limits per unit.
Can I get help with creating my Reading Lists?
The Library is supporting teaching staff to use Course Readings. Initially we are focussing on providing support for the migration of digitised content made available under s113P, previously available through the eReadings service.
Do I have to use Course Readings?

Yes if you wish to make digitised content available to your students via Moodle. The University prohibits staff from uploading PDFs of any content which they are not the author or (3rd Party content), as we must report and manage this content in accordance with the Copyright Act (Cth) and the terms of our licence agreements.

What about content which is freely available on the web, or available full-text online?
Any type of content can be added to your list using the ADD menu in the academic interface. Ensure the citation is correct for your students - take care when entering the metadata. Readings with a file uploaded will be checked for copyright compliance by the Library.
How much will the Library enter for me?
We will be progressively supporting staff to be self sufficient in managing their Reading Lists, and will offer training and assistance with this outcome in mind. To manage our workload, priority is given to digitised content made available under s113P, then items in full text linked through from the Library databases. To add items freely linked to on the web staff are encouraged to do this themselves.
My links are not working. What should I do?
Are the links from Equella [the previous system?] Does this link have an authors name, page details only? If you hover over the link - does the URL include equella in the text? If so these are obselete and need to be removed. If the links are from Course Readings [include the full citation and box outline] though say Pending/Expired/Removed the permissions to these links have expired/or are in process. Contact us for assistance.