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New students' guide to the library

New to Federation University? This guide outlines the library's services and resources

What are Subject Guides?

The Library's Subject Guides offer students an easy point of entry for subject-specific resources and help with researching. 

To find the Subject Guides, go to the library homepage and find the tab for Subject Guides, then either use the drop-down menu to find your discipline area, or browse all of the guides in the A-Z guide list.

There are subject-specific Guides that provide

  • A list of discipline-specific recommended databases for targeted searching
  • Detailed instructions on Finding Books and Finding Journal Articles
  • Lists of Useful Resources complied by librarians; these lists can include textbooks available through the library, industry websites, organisations, news sources and streaming video databases.

Some subject-specific Guides will have assessment-specific information. These are generally for courses with high student numbers and unique assessment needs. So make sure to check the Subject Guide for your area to see if there is some help waiting for you.

There are also 'general' guides that can provide additional help in a range of areas


A guide to the eBook providers used by the library, how to access them and what the print and download allowances are.

EndNote Online

This guide shows step-by-step how to use EndNote Online to collect references and have them automatically formatted in a range of referencing styles.

Fake News How to identify the various types of 'fake news', how to evaluate news, and where to find the Library's news databases.
Grey Literature Grey literature is useful for some research and includes government reports. This guide outlines what is 'grey literature' and how to find it effectively.
Open Athens Open Athens is an authentication gateway that gives Federation students and staff access to online content that the library subscribes to. Using Open Athens means you can authenticate yourself when searching directly on content provider websites rather than via the Library.
Open Educational Resources Open Educational Resources (OERs) range from images, audio & video, through to textbooks that have been made available under a Creative Commons licence. This Guide provides links to OER sites.
QuickSearch user guide Although QuickSearch is intuitive and easy to search, this Guide introduces additional functions and features to help you get more out of Quicksearch.