Online Student Library Services: Referencing
& Citation

FedUni students who study online can use this guide to learn how to access Library resources. For more resources, consult the relevant subject guide.
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Referencing styles

FedCite provides general advice on the academic referencing styles required at Federation.  Includes guidelines for referencing with APA, MLA & Chicago styles. 

Remember to always check with your school/lecturer to find out which style they require.

Good stuff from other universities

Referencing videos

Managing your references

​What is EndNote?

EndNote is a reference management system that enables you to:

  • grab references from Library QuickSearch, journal databases, library catalogues, and other sources

  • use EndNote to insert a formatted reference list into your own documents

  • organise and manage your references (re-use a textbook reference, for example)

  • find references using one computer, insert your reference list later on another computer

To Access EndNote and set up an account: My EndNote Web

For Undergraduates, read more information about how to use EndNote Web in this guide.

For Researchers, the EndNote Desktop guide will assist you in using, managing and sharing your referencing data. 


Avoid potential plagiarism by using Turnitin to compare your work with internet content, journal databases and other students' work and receive a report on similarities.

Access Turnitin via a Moodle course. Academic Support provide student guidance on Turnitin