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EndNote for researchers: Selecting in EndNote, adding in Word

Selecting references in EndNote, inserting in Word

Adding in-text citations from the EndNote Library

Method 1

  1. In Word, change to the EndNote toolbar.
  2. Click the top, pictorial half of the Insert Citation button. A Find & Insert window will appear.
  3. Type in all or part of a key word, author, or other part of the reference
  4. Click Find. A list of matching references will appear.
  5. Highlight one or more references.
  6. Click the Insert button.

screenshot of the Find and Insert window, indicating Find search box and Insert button

You can also click the little black arrow on the Insert button to get more options, such as inserting in Author (Year) format, such as "Smith at al. (2017) argue that ..."

Method 2

1. Check that you have the EndNote toolbar in Word.

2. Go back to EndNote and highlight the required reference by clicking on it once.

HINT When you need to cite a number of reference at the same place in a document, select the required records using Ctrl + Click or Shift + Click.

3. Change back to Word by clicking the Word tab in the Windows taskbar at the bottom of the screen. Alternatively, click the Go to Word Processor icon. screenshot of EndNote's icon for Go To Word Processor

4. Click to place the cursor in the document where the reference is to be inserted.

5. Select the EndNote tab in the Word ribbon (see above).

6. Click the bottom half of the Insert Citation button ► Insert Selected Citation(s).

screenshot of Insert Citation button and menu in Word

The in-text citation appears in the Word document and the corresponding entry in the bibliography is added automatically.

Method 3

Alternatively, you can use Alt+2 or the Insert Citation icon from EndNote to insert the citation directly into the active Word document (wherever the cursor is located). 

screenshot of Insert Citation icon