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EndNote for researchers: References in


Sorting your EndNote Library

To quickly sort records within your library, click once on the header of one of the display columns to sort by that column. Click a second time to reverse the sort order.

You can reorder the columns in the display window using drag-and-drop. To customize which columns display, right-click in the header field and select/unselect the fields you prefer.

More detailed sort options are available via Tools u Sort Library...


  • Although only the surname of the primary author may be displayed, it will sort on the full author name, so Smith, A. will sort before Smith, B.
  • Smith, A. is sorted before Smith, A. A..


Mark as read/unread

In a list of references the grey dots in the far left column can be used to keep track of which references you have read, or are yet to read. After reading a particular reference, click the record’s grey dot, which will become a hollow circle, a reminder that you have read the reference. 


Web links in references

When you transfer references from a database, each record may include a link back to the reference in the database. You can also manually add a web address to the URL field in a reference (this is mandatory for web pages and other web documents).

When a record contains a web address in the URL field, EndNote can open that link in your default web browser. Click on the reference, and then click the Open Link icon.

screenshot indicating link icon in toolbar


Search within your EndNote Library

Type your word or phrase into the Quick Search box and press the Enter key on your keyboard (or click the magnifying glass icon). Note: you cannot combine multiple search terms in the Quick Search box unless they form a phrase.

The Search Panel enables more detailed searches. To activate it, click Show Search Panel

screenshot showing Quick Search box beside Show Search Panel option



The first field in a record is labelled Rating. To apply a rating (1 -5 stars) to a reference click the number of dots in the Rating field that corresponds to the number of stars you want to award it.

In this way you can easily find key references within your library.


Layout options

The Layout button in the bottom right corner of the window provides various options for changing the display of the Groups and Reference panels.