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EndNote for researchers: Installation
(FedUni computer, Windows 10 and 8)

Installing EndNote, Windows 8, Federation University ITS-managed computer

Federation University Declaration for the use of ENDNOTE Software Licence

The Endnote agreement conditions are:

  • I am an enrolled student/staff member of Federation University
  • I understand I am downloading the ENDNOTE software under the conditions of an agreement between Federation University and ISI ResearchSoft Inc.
  • I may only load the software onto a University owned computer or my personal computer, for use in my learning or research studies.
  • Should I cease to be a student or staff member of Federation University I must immediately remove the ENDNOTE software from my computer
  • I am aware of and understand the Regulations of Federation University regarding the use of computing and communications facilities.

I declare that I have read the information and fully understand the conditions under which I may use the ENDNOTE software licence.

Close the Office

Close down all Microsoft Office documents and programs.

This includes the desktop version of Microsoft Outlook

Close down any Outlook windows that you have open - including email, calendar, people, and tasks windows.

Begin at the Start

(with apologies to Lewis Carroll / Charles L. Dodgson and the King of Hearts)

From the Windows 8 Start page, click the search icon.

screenshot of Search icon on Windows 8 start page

Find the Software Center

Type in software and select Software Center from the list of results.

screenshot of search box with text "software", and list or results, with Software Center at the head of the list

Install EndNote

From the Software Center, select EndNote X8 from the available software and click the Install button on the next screen.

screenshot showing the Software Center with EndNote X8 installer highlighted